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Vanga FAQ Updated
« : 19.09.2013 23:23:01 »
q: How it's works ?
a: Oh... that's a top secret...

q: What does "The size of the weak points" ?
a: Increasing scroll bar = increasing chance to find weak spot, and decreasing fps :)

q: What does "Search for vulnerable points" ?
a: Disabling "smart mode". Vanga just aiming under turret (old 8.6 style)

q: What does "Ignore chassis" ?
a: Works only if "Search for vulnerable points" enabled. When Vanga searching weak points, it ignore chassis. Vanga not aim chassis, aim only turret and hull.
That case can be useful for tanks with HE guns, like a arty.
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Re: Vanga FAQ
« Ответ #1 : 09.11.2013 00:03:08 »
Some additional notes about rates.
Optimal value for "The size of the weak points" is 7.
Optimal value for "Frequency of calculation" is 10.

For additional information look here:
But it only on Russian :(
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Re: Vanga FAQ
« Ответ #2 : 25.06.2014 23:35:04 »
I made a translation for you all the information about Wanga of the Russian language topics

Search vulnerable points:
  -Only works when the target is stationary.
  -Actually trying to find a point with minimal armor at a comfortable angle.
Ignoring tracks:
 -Only works when the target is stationary.
 -NOT work unless activated option "Search vulnerable points".

Frequency of calculation:
 -Only works for moving targets.
 -The faster the target moves, the more you need to rely pre-emption.
 -Value is the number of conversions per second. It also hertz.

Small "secret":
 -When pressed ALT, a takeover target of the tank will not work.
 -If the target is already locked, pressing ALT wherever a cursor position, pressing the capture target resets the current target.

Users having problems with dual gripper purpose or incorrect proactively recommended remap automatically capture in-game settings on any other key to disable the server scope.
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