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The secrets of Dniwebot
« : 01.07.2014 21:28:04 »
1) The most frequent question that occurs in users: what the sliders, checkboxes, distances, etc. in the settings of the BOT? On that
they influence and what do?

1. Ambush/attack the percentage of activation the regime at the start of the battle.In an ambush near the base at the end of a fight, he will attack the enemy base.
Оptimal configuration of tank destroyers: ambush 75 attack 25
Оptimal configuration of heavy tank ambush 50 attack 50
For drums such as Т57 Heavy better do an ambush in a larger sense, as the bot does not know how far back off when recharging.
For light tanks ambush 05 attack 95
2. Distance to the group means the distance at which the bot looking for allies and closest ally to follow along with them, the optimal value from 50 to 100. Distance in metres on the map.
3. Time-shifting of position-is the amount of time that the bot in the route point decides to move on, so that the bot is not stood long at one point put a lower value if you want the bot to stand a while in route set to a value greater than.
4. The time that the bot will wait if the enemy is in range and available for shot or in the scope of the BOT-the bot will focus the direction of the shot to the side. If the enemy had disappeared from sight, the bot will have the time to look in the direction that, in the event of a re-emergence of the enemy make shot faster, not turning in another direction. The optimal value from 5 to 10 c.
5. Rotate the cannon.

2) Statistics for the fight. Why is different?

There are several factors that affect stats:
1. players who are with you in random
2. Configure the bot to different tanks
3. network and PC performance

3) Many are wondering why the bot is not going anywhere, shoots from the base and then after a while suddenly can go, that is a bug or other problem?

The bot tries to determine the nearest Allied Group and choose the route to follow after them, if the allies are
closely and do not go, the bot waits for the distribution of the team on the map to make clustering and grouping of the allies. Adjust the distance to the group, so that bot picked up the most immediate and rode the value should be selected individually by the selection. It is likely that it will fail immediately, but try to see what settings the distances to group and other
settings of the bot he begins his motion.
1. the bot will not start If there was any serious boot failure.
2. do not edit and compress resources and files of the bot.

4) How to train the BOT? And as he learns?

The principle of such a bot is looking for the nearest point in the base of  veipoints, if the path to the point it stopped (for example-the street walled ally) when traveling over the obstacle bot is shifting and looking for the closest point in accordance with new coordinates, Point, etc.added ctrl + P-key, that is, the bot will go there to seek, but in accordance with the situation on the map (the obstacles set in Bothe-distance to the group, etc.). The more the cue points, and the smaller the distance between them- the faster it at these points will become. (again-depends on the situation on the map).  Ctrl + M-BOT does not remember all the way which was a tank. For example, a player stood up for stone, stood there for 3 minutes and made 2-3 kills-bot notes this point as a key. Why such a long learning mode ctrl + M to bust with points not too-otherwise the bot will move across the map.

5) How not to get banned for the using a DniweBot?

A few tips:
1)You do not need to use the BOT for a very long time, it is better to 12-15 hours per day.
2)Do not upload screenshots with a bot.
3)Don't tell that you are using the bot.
4)You can ride a couple of fights every hour or two, it will reduce the risks of detection.
5)Enable to send messages in the game chat, It is much less likely ban due to complaints from players.