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Forum Rules
« : 29.06.2014 16:39:00 »
Forum Rules:

Critical violations - blocking forever.
1.Post forum malicious software, viruses, Trojans, spyware.
2. Use as a nickname obscene words and expressions, the use of nick names containing elements of websites, as well as words, deceptive (Administrator, Moderator, Support, etc.).
3. Misleading other  forum members in order to obtain material profit.

1. Establish communication with large fonts (you can only allocate the most important part of the message).
2.Insult publicly other forum participants, ie chat forum.
3.Create topics addressed only specific party forum.
4.Creating topic that is already on the forum, unless the topic is closed.
5.Edit your message to accuse a person of something (flood, "not on") answer to your message. Edit message can only if it does not change the essence!
6. Use as an avatar and pictures indecent images (porn, violence, images of an erotic nature and everything connected with it ...)
7.Post information relating to fraud.
8.Direct links to a web page, if it is outside http://warpack.net/ (refers including a signature). Except for links to videos, pictures, articles.
9. Write messages are not related to the topic.
10. Post that do not apply to this section.
11.Duplicate other people's posts, questions.
12.All repetitive posts that contain the same semantic meaning, or questions that have answers in the forum, will be deleted!!
13.Prohibited pronounced flood and flame.
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