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- what is Warpack?
  Warpack is a set of forbidden mods for World of Tanks and World of Warships, which are stored not inside the game client, but on a remote server.

- advantages of Warpack
is the Timely adaptation of the mods
- Game account security
-User support
-Automatic update
- Unique mods that are only available in Warpack

Mods, for now, in Warpack for tanks:
- white skeletons of destroyed equipment
- Tundra
- Shooting objects
- Fallen trees/destroyed objects
- Art sight for tanks, sniper mode for ACS
- Search for the approximate location of the artillery
- Advanced sniper zoom
- Pseudo sixth sense
- The rest of the strength on the panels of enemies and allies
- Enemy reload timer
- Red ball
- Laser pointer
- Line of attack
- Automatic repair+fire extinguisher
- Avtopritsel Vanga
- Undetected opponents
- Hit on unlit technique
- Vang's Auto-Aim 2

Mods, for now, in Warpack for ships:
- automatic sight that works by capturing the target using linear or combined pre-emption
- auto shot
- art mode(top view)
- mod rainbow (shows where the projectiles will fall flying at you)
- lines torpedoes (shows the direction of enemy torpedoes, length ranging from 75 to 3000)
- circles and smoke timer (shows the boundaries of your smoke and the time when the smoke will disappear)
-hand lead point
-handle movement of the target (moving straight or maneuvering )
- manual adjustment of lead point height and lead in battle, using hotkey
- automatic mode lead point ( automatically adjusts the height )
- mod "squadron Commander" (automatic reset of torpedoes and bombs, with improved hit), begins to work with level 6 aircraft carriers


- what versions of Windows does Warpack work on?
Warpack works on all Windows versions (from XP to 10 inclusive).

guidelines for using WarPack
Dear users , remember that there is no absolute guarantee from the ban , all our builds you use consciously and must understand that there is a possibility of detecting the use of our mods and blocking your game account .
it is Impossible to spread in public access game screens on which it is visible that Warpack is used.
It is impossible to spread in public access game screens on which Your nickname or which can be compared in any way to your account is visible. For example off the forum from your accounts posting screen with the caption "Watch as I bend over!!!
It is impossible to lay out in public access video game which shows what is used
You can not in the game to shout that you are playing with Warpack.
You can not write from your profile to the developers of the game, saying that you love Warpack
and the game with him is more interesting than without him.

- is there a trial version of Warpack?

- will there be an option to activate Warpack on two accounts?
the ability to bind the key to N accounts is implemented in Warpack from the moment of its creation. For the client type of key binding occurs on one account. There are no plans to increase the number of bindings for this key type.
But you can do" unbind "the key to the account and" bind " it to another and continue to use.
on how to do this in more detail in this topic Unbind account key
- is there a limit in the number of times, unbinding and binding the key to new accounts ?
In the number of times-there are no restrictions.
The only limitation at time - 1 time in 2 hours, can be done possibly.

- Where and how can I buy a key?
key Purchase takes place on the official website of Warpack.
To buy you need to go to http://warpack.net/, register, log in with your username and password and go to the "Buy key"tab.
After buying the key, the product distribution will be available for download, in the same place in your account, in the "downloads"tab.
On how to register in your account, read the topic Registration in my account

- how to renew the key?
Exactly the same as in the case of purchase: must go to http://warpack.net/, to sign in with their username and password in the column and the keys click on the link "Extend".

- Warpack turns off whenever you want. What is it connected with?
Do happen, but very rarely and not at all. This is due to the fact that all files are stored on a remote server. And sometimes there are packet losses. To check where exactly packets are lost, you must make a trace:
On the start menu (Start), click Run..."("Run..."), enter the command
cmd.exe and click Ok.
In the command-line interface that opens, run the tracert command warpack.net
and look where the packet loss goes.

- when the program starts, the message "user limit Exceeded" appears, what should I do?
If you receive this message, it means that you have launched Warpack on the wrong account to which It is linked. Warpack is tied to the account on which the FIRST LAUNCH was made!!!

- What information is transferred to Warpack servers when working with The program? How does the account bind? Is it safe to store information about users ' accounts, e-mails and keys?
only a unique user ID is sent to Warpack servers to check the validity of the current user key . Mail and password hash do not read, do not use, do not store.

- how to hide WarPack button in hangar?

- how to hide WarPack button in port ?
press F12

- how to hide Warpack GUI in battle ? (in ships)
with F12 Key , auto capture and auto shot functions will work.

- how to visually adjust the display of some modifications in a training battle? (in tanks) option temporarily not working

- can I use WarPack on different computers? (at work and at home for example)
it is Possible, but only when playing on the game account to which WarPack is attached at the moment.

- I want to second your WoT account, buy Another key. Do I need to register a new account on the WarPack website to purchase a second key?
No, you can buy another key.

- can I freeze the key?

- solution of "Warpack injection error"
Fixed Ctrl+Alt+Del, task Manager, Processes, find WorldOfTanks.exe and PCM Complete the process.

- does WarPack Work on Euro servers?

- I have emerged question, one under registration and email necessarily must conform to as in tanks, with ,to to purchase the key?
Moreover - it is not recommended to register on the forum, under your in-game nickname.

- do I Need a premium account to use Warpack?

- does Warpack Work on the game's test server?

- how to read the description of the mod settings ?
Open the settings window of any mod from the Warpack menu and move the mouse cursor to the blue circle next to the parameter name.

(click to show/hide)

- does TeamSpeak Work with Warpack ?
Running , TeamSpeak should be run as administrator .(right - click on the TeamSpeak shortcut and choose "run as administrator" )

-What is a key with the @ symbol ? (tanks)
To use this type of key , you need to replace the last letter in your key in the WarPack launcher with the @ symbol .
On this type of key, 2 additional DeadShot and Achilles sights are available, as well as all the mods that are available on standard keys .
You can return to using the standard key at any time , an unlimited number of times .

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