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On the keys , with the @ sign at the end, added a new sight "Achilles".
Example of settings
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Description of the sight operation (you can read the description of each parameter of the sight in the settings window by hovering the mouse cursor over the blue button next to the parameter name)
(click to show/hide)The Achilles auto-sight is a development of its previous version. It should fix the shortcomings of aiming / shooting with the previous version of the autofocus and added additional functionality to help facilitate the use of autofocus in combat and its configuration. The main point to pay attention to is the capture of the target. It occurs not when the capture button is pressed but when it is released. More precisely, when you click on this button for 0.3 seconds. If you press the capture button for more than 0.3 seconds the capture will not occur and the gun barrel will lock as it does in the game until the capture button is released. Double-click on the capture button allows you to capture not the target that is currently selected for capture on the screen, but the one with the arrow pointing at the enemy will be closer. You can also perform a manual capture of the point on the body of the enemy tank. To do this, hold down the Alt key and click the capture button on the desired point on the body/tower/tracks... enemy's. You need to remove this manual capture in the same way as a normal one or re-capture another point. If you click on Alt and at the same time click not on the opponent but on the side, a 'visual' capture will occur. In other words, the autofocus will not take over pointing at the vulnerable point, but will simply mark it with a marker (if it is enabled in the mod settings) and then you can aim at it manually. This will allow experienced players to less 'Shine' non-standard behavior of the sight in battles. You can also click on the space bar and hold it if the screen displays an arrow-direction, then you will switch to a sniper sight at the point where the enemy is responsible for this arrow. (it can also be useful to assess how much it can be seen from behind the shelter, or it can move behind the shelter and it does not need to be captured), when releasing the space, the sight should return back. If the FPS drops when playing with this autofocus, you can change the settings of such parameters as-the accuracy of calculations for searching for vulnerable points, - the frequency of calculations for searching for vulnerable points, and - the type of arrows-directionsAutomatic shot
(click to show/hide)it is activated if the RMB is clamped after the target is captured (but not earlier than a second after the capture). you can use it to shoot at fireflies , but in principle you can also use it to shoot at standing and slow-moving targets (it is better to stand up, because if the enemy will come out from behind cover, the autocannon can make a shot near the edge of the obstacle and the projectile can thus crash into the obstacle).
if you release the RMB the auto shooting mode is turned off

Will warpack work on any wot account I login on my computer or is it associated to one wot account?



I would like to know if our subscription times will get expanded by the time that we can 't use it because of the maintenance for patch 9.3


I'm trying to login but nothink hapens!


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