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Название: Dead shot
Отправлено: Eti от 12.08.2019 11:53:52
Hello ,
Dead shot is extremely not accurate last weeks
Aiming in middle of nowhere , full shown tank locked by dead shot - even didn't hit him as is not there
Also Vanga and Vanga 2 didnt work wit @ code
I can use only dead shot - if switched - the check box disappear and  game start without auto aim

Название: Re: Dead shot
Отправлено: CastleMaymon от 17.08.2019 00:42:30
Many problems with deadshot:

If you choose vanga or vanga 2 they don't work unless the autoaim box is checked.

Game crashes to desktop at end of battle if choosing vanga or vanga 2.

When logging into game for the first time or relogging after crash autoaim box is always unchecked. If you forget to check the autoaim box all the time, then no autoaim is working.

When using deadshot, vanga, or vanga 2  screen randomly freezes for short periods during battle. Effect is similar to lag spikes.
Название: Re: Dead shot
Отправлено: rockinjohn от 19.08.2019 01:37:56
it also deactivates xvm tundra dont work last spotted tanks dont work location of arty dont work i wish they would fix the old version to work with the current patch and issue everyone a new key keeping in mind that we are paying for something that is nearly useless and that we should be given free days from the issuance of 1.6