Автор Тема: A dialogue about the ban (Ships)  (Прочитано 6350 раз)

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A dialogue about the ban (Ships)
« : 11.01.2019 00:13:48 »
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In this thread there is a discussion of bans in WoWS .
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Re: A dialogue about the ban (Ships)
« Ответ #180 : 13.03.2019 13:33:02 »
this is not okay, I don't understand, people game so much money for WP and you can't even make it safe to use again.From January till now you didn't do anything in order to protect WP. You are on a good way to lose a lot of customers. I see a lot of unsatisfied customers and when next ban happens you will lose a lot of users. You are not doing a very good job if you are doing business like this. I hope you will find a solution soon but not "No one is forcing you to use WP".