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English Manual part 1
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Hi guys.

Nothing special just a quick and dirty google translation of the Russian manual for you to read.

WARPack Manual

2 WarPack - User Guide

Table of contents

Waiver ... 3 Introduction ... 4 Program Description ... 5 Installation ... 6 The first start and set up game downloads .......................................... ............................. 7 Fashion WarPack - the description, configuration, use of ............ .................................................. .......... 8

WarPack - User's Guide 3

Disclaimer Copyright © 2013-2014 WarPack Team. All rights reserved. © 1998-2014 Wargaming.net. «Wargaming», «WG», logo Wargaming, the slogan «Let's Battle» are registered trademarks, and «World Of Tanks» - Wargaming.net trademark in the United States and (or) other countries. Icons and buttons of the program are proprietary Wargaming.net, and the authors WarPack only borrowed their style and design. All other trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

Waiver Warpack Team Warpack the authors under any circumstances bear no responsibility, both moral and material, for the possible use Warpack. Under no circumstances and conditions responsible for the consequences of which are directly or indirectly involved the use Warpack, software placed on the site warpack.net, can not be attributed to the authors and program developers, moderators, administrators or coordinators of the project, as well as be a reason for their judicial and other proceedings. The end user of the product Warpack must understand that the bulk of the mods included in Warpack considered forbidden game developers «World Of Tanks», and any use of this product may result in blocking the account for a period of days to a permanent ban.

4 WarPack - User Guide

Introduction WarPack Team is glad to present to your attention WarPack - set of mods for the game World of Tanks. Our program uses a centralized management modes, the system automatically download and update, which is constantly supplemented and updated. WarPack not make any changes to the original files of the game, does not establish its fashion folder res_mods, and works in client-server mode. All modes are stored on servers WarPack. No information on the server WarGaming not transmitted. All of your actions in the game are transmitted to the game server as soon as the transfer of certain packets in a mode to send / receive, and what happens on the screen is visible only to you and to track the use WarPack game makers is not possible. Except in cases where the Internet is paved replay the fight, or video captured from the screen while running WarPack'e.

WarPack - User Guide 5

Software Description WarPack use centralized management modes, the system automatically download and update. WarPack constantly supplemented and updated. WarPack current version includes the following fashion: Black sky White Tundra 2 skeletons of fallen trees Colored tracers Tags for Art platoon sight for tanks sniper scope for the free camera artillery artillery Advanced Search sniper zoom Sixth Sense Balance strength of opponents and allies panels recharge timer opponents Red balloons Disabling buildup Laser Pointer Line Auto Repair attack automatic fire extinguishing avtopritsel Vanga

After the installation, configuration and first run, WarPack tied to only one account.

6 WarPack - User Guide

Installing the software WarPack no different from installing any software for OS Windows. Before installing WarPack it is necessary to download. To do this, go to your personal account on the site http://warpack.net/ru/login/ enter your username and password. In private office will be a link to download the installation package of your WarPack. The current version at the time of writing Warpack for 0.8.10 and 0.8.11. There (in your account), contains information about your product key (serial number) and its validity. After downloading, go to the process of installation: Run WarPack for 0.8.10 and 0.8.11. Select the installation language. Read the agreement carefully. If you agree to proceed with the installation by clicking "Next". Specify the drive and directory where you want to install WarPack (defaul is, C: \ WarPack), click "Next". Showing WarPack menu "Start" - if you do not want to create a folder in the "Start" menu, then tick the posts to create a folder in the "Start" menu and click "Next." If you need to program shortcuts on the desktop and the Quick Launch bar, put a tick in front of you a necessary option. In the last step, ensure the correct filling installation settings that were made in the previous steps, and depending on their compliance with your wishes should press "Install" to start the installation, or "Back" if you miss something, or did not properly marked. After completing Setup WarPack you will be prompted to run the program and visit the site on the Internet. Select the appropriate action and click on the button "Finish" to exit the installation program.

WarPack - User's Guide 7

First you set up and program loading the game WarPack After setting all subsequent run of the game World Of Tanks must be carried out only through him, as he will be the launcher games with the necessary mods (modifications will only work if you run through the WOT WarPack)

Except, if the validity of your serial number is ended, you have decided to record a video replay of the fight (just in case it is not used avtopritsel Wangi), and / or in the event of termination of the use of the program without removing it.

Executing the program the first time you must enter the registration information (license key), and specify the path to the client World Of Tanks (see. Figure 1).

Please note - not to WOTLauncher, and WorldOfTanks!

The license key and its expiration date, you can always find in his private office.

Fig. 1 launch window games through WarPack

After entering all necessary data will only click on the Start World Of Tanks for the start of the game.

8 WarPack - User Guide

Fashion WarPack - the description, configuration, usage After entering the game, after a while (it depends on the speed of your connection to the network) loaded fashion and under the "Menu" button will appear «WARPACK». (See. Figure 2)

Fig. 2. Button WarPack - Call settings menu WARPAK'a

Clicking on it will take you to the settings window WarPack (see. Figure 3).

Fig. 3. Settings window WarPack To enable fashion is necessary to put a tick next to the name fashion to disconnect - remove.

Since not all fashion WarPack are permitted, then before you make a screenshot of the hangar, you want to hide the button «WARPACK». To turn off / on button «WARPACK» Use the key combination + + + keyboard

WarPack - User Manual 9 A detailed description of mods black sky - the sky replaces the standard of the game on a black background. On a black background perfect to see all the terrain that does not give the enemy tanks to merge with the sky. On a black background will be easier vytselivat enemy tanks and destroy them, especially those who play through the tower or skillfully use the terrain. It is recommended to use it with the mod Tundra 2, removes all vegetation. White skeletons - Replaces standard equipment on the skeletons of the destroyed white. An analog fashion "White carcasses of tanks." This mod is one of the most popular versions of the game World of Tanks. It is completely discolors all crash texture games - all lined tanks are white. Many of you have asked - and the meaning of this? The point is not deep, each one of you got into a situation where your opponent starts to hide behind the corpse of destroyed tanks. When you drive up to the other side of the tank, which was hidden mudslinger starts firing through the cracks, or the places where the body of the enemy went beyond the destroyed tank. All textures are lined with dark color, which makes the process vytselivaniya, employment is not easy. It is especially difficult to distinguish the texture of the living and destroyed tanks, which both belong to the same nation. With this module, you will always see clearly the boundaries of the two tanks, and your combat effectiveness in such a situation will be times Tundra 2 - Automatic or manual shutdown of all vegetation in the sniper scope. Also, this mode disables the "binoculars" disturbing Review in sniper mode. The analogue mods "Removing crown" and "Removing black in sniper mode." With this modification, you can get from the battlefield many times more information as is now the trees and shrubs will be absent. Long-distance texture is partially preserved, but in sniper mode or when approaching you no longer have vytselivat prevent the enemy through the leaves. From now on, will not obscure red silhouette, it is not clear how the speaker from behind cover - without interfering see foliage you will see the enemy as it is, without interference and take the right decision for aiming and shooting. To customize click on the icon next to the name fashion. Opens the settings mode (see. Figure 4)

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Re: English Manual part 1
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Part 2

Fig. 4. Main settings window fashion Tundra 2 In this window, to switch, you can define as one or a combination of keys. By default, assigned to the letter "." The following key combinations:

"+ <Any key>"

10 WarPack - User Guide

"+ <Any key>"

"+ <Any key>".

Above the button "" is an empty field, pressing you to select no shortcuts, ie to switch modes is sufficient to specify any key. Felled trees - mode displays all of the activity on the minimap. This mode displays all of the activity on the minimap - fallen trees, posts, fences, destroyed houses, etc. It helps to accurately assess the movement of the main forces of the enemy. Indispensable for the warlords. In the setting of the mode, you can set the size of the markers that represent the activity on the minimap. Art sights, free camera - with this mode you can use artillery sights on the tanks and PT, as well as sniper scope on artillery. Artillery fire from sight allows the tank or conventional PT across the map, and when you use this mode for artillery included sniper mode, which allows it to act as points. Free camera is activated from the arcade mode or afterlife. Management standard - tank movement keys ("up" / "down") + mouse. To customize click on the icon next to the name fashion. Opens the settings mode, in which you can select a key or a combination thereof. By default artpritsela set key "", and for the freedom of the camera '. "

The following key combinations:

"+ <Any key>"

"+ <Any key>"

"+ <Any key>".

Above the button "" is an empty field, pressing you to select no shortcuts, ie to switch modes is sufficient to specify any key.

WarPack - User Guide 11

Search artillery - glare of the enemy artillery in sight ally. After firing artillery, if it is within sight of the allies, this mod will tell indicator that found the artillery, as well as on the minimap shows the name and approximate location, designating it a purple square. It then remains to bring art scope, wait for the red ball and destroy the enemy's artillery, if it is not moved. To customize click on the icon next to the name fashion. Window opens as shown below. In it you can specify the size and time of the disappearance of the mark on the minimap. Enable / disable the detection indicator, and set its location on the screen. Advanced sniper zoom - adds a sniper scope zoom x16, x32, etc. available to x2, x4, x8. To customize click on the icon next to the name fashion. Window opens as shown below. In it you can specify the number of steps increase. Sixth Sense - mod that replaces the somewhat similar skill in his absence. This mod lights a lamp and tells Nick, type of technique as well as the direction of the enemy's attack, a weapon that is currently turned off in your direction.

This mod is not a complete analog skill "The Sixth Sense", that is, fashion is not known, lit up in you or not, it just tells you that your tank cannon aimed enemy. Vytselivat your opponent or not, you decide.

To set up, click on the corresponding icon next to the name fashion. Settings window will appear in which you can enable \ disable the display lights, and set its location on the screen. The balance of strength panels opponents and allies Maud shows the strength (number of health) enemy and allied equipment. Compatible with XVM. The mod works as follows when you or your ally illuminates enemy, whom you can see on the minimap, the strip appears in the ears of his strength. To customize click on the icon next to the name fashion. This opens the window shown in Figure 5.

12 WarPack - User Guide

Fig. 5. Balance settings window fashion strength panels enemy and allies

In this window, you can select a key or a combination of the color indicators and much more. Default to display the strength of the Allies set key "", and for the opponents'. "

To set keyboard shortcuts, click on the arrow to open the list where you can select the desired key. The following key combinations:

"+ <Any key>"

"+ <Any key>"

"+ <Any key>".

Above the button "" is an empty field, pressing you to select no shortcuts, ie to switch modes is sufficient to specify any key. Colors for the indicators you can pick up with a tool ColorWizard

WarPack - User Guide 13

Timer reload the enemy - the fashion shows approximately how much time is left before the next enemy shot. In the settings you can change the type, color, size and position of the marker (see. Figure 6).

Fig. 6. Timer settings window fashion recharge enemy color markers you can pick up with a tool ColorWizard. Red balloons Maude puts a red sphere in a point shot artillery, establishes a special marker on the minimap and play sound alarms. The hunt for enemy artillery turns into fun. It's pretty useful mod for artavodov. How to use it: We are looking for a rough parking lot of enemy artillery. This will help us to fashion "Search artillery" which are described on page 11. Also, you can help in the search for knowledge of standard artillery positions on all cards and the arrow on the minimap, indicating the position of the red ball. Red balloons appear after firing enemy artillery in the alignment angles traverse artillery or within sight of tracer Allied tanks. Red ball just appear in the spot where the shell and is sent to this place to shoot.

14 WarPack - User Guide

Disabling buildup - This mod disables the buildup for all tanks, in all modes. Unlike the built-in option in the game, he turns off the buildup and the displacement of sight even when you shoot at or slightly ram. Laser Pointer - Draws rays from gun barrels of the enemy so that now you can see exactly where to aim the enemy. Seeing imposed on the beam you, you can decide what you should do (to tighten the body, in order to fight off the shell, or somehow pull in back to keep their hit points). As to the advantages of this mode it can be attributed to the fact that it starts working much faster than a perk "The Sixth Sense" (bulb starts 3 seconds later, after you have discovered, and the events start to work without any delay) .Unlike a similar fashion with the replacement model, the events do not require any further action. Another advantage is that the rays are drawn only for enemy equipment. In the settings you can specify the length of the laser. The line of attack - Fashion reverse tracer This mod fashion similar to "colored tracer", but working in the opposite direction. In other words it is the reverse tracer. For example, you're being shot and was then up to you in the opposite direction towards a shot at your opponent draws tracer. In the settings you can set the time of the disappearance of the line of attack and that she displayed not only on the illuminated opponents. Repair + fire extinguisher - The mod to automatically repair the units and put out the fire by conventional inexpensive consumables purchased for money. Repair of different modules of the tank can be turned on or off before or during the fight. For example, it makes sense to repair the fireflies only harp, etc.

To quickly enable / disable a combination of keys "+ - +".

You can also go to the settings mode and indicate which modules need to be repaired.

Fig. 7. settings window fashion repair + Extinguisher

WarPack - User Guide 15

Avtoprtsel Vanga - Intelligent avtopritsel, which is a replacement for the standard (primitive) avtopritsel avtopritsel This works in the arcade, sniper and artillery modes. It can capture a target which is line of sight (behind walls, shelters and landscape), the highlight of its circuit (X-ray). Guidance does not occur at the center of the tank, and in the most vulnerable point on the hull or harp. The sight allows for vector velocity of the target and the projectile flight time and sets a marker for these factors to fire with anticipation. Fighting fireflies, shooting at fast moving targets, it has never been so easy! Maud has the following features: 1. Search for points of vulnerability: It works only when the target is stationary. Maud is trying to find the point with minimum armor at a comfortable angle. 2. Ignoring the tracks: It works only when the target is stationary. Excludes tracks from the list of vulnerabilities. 3. The frequency of data reduction: Only works for moving targets. The faster the target is moving, the more need to count pre-emption. The best option settings "avtopritsel Vanga": Search for points of vulnerability: disabled (in principle optional). The frequency of data reduction: 10.

This mode requires a high-quality broadband access to the Internet. In poor / poor-quality Internet connection speed will be present blunders!

Key target lock (avtopritsel) mode should be different from the same keys specified in the game settings (the default PCM)!

16 WarPack - User Guide Frequently Asked Questions In this chapter you will find answers to the most frequent questions from users Warpack. Q: What is Warpack? About: Warpack - a set of partially and / or completely banned mods for the game World Of Tanks, which are not stored inside the game client and a remote server.

Q: Which versions of Windows work Warpack? About: Warpack works in all versions of Windows (from 95 to 8 inclusive).

Q: Can I get banned for using Warpack? A: Yes, it is possible, but only at the initiative of the end user. For example: To spread public access game screenshots, which show that the use Warpack. Spread in a public access video game which shows that the use Warpack. Most of the game screaming that you're playing with Warpack. After the update, the developers are not waiting for a visual signal Warpack filled up on game servers World Of Tanks and play with Warpack. From his profile game developers to write, saying that you love Warpack and play with him more interesting than without it. Write to developers Warpack, they Kazlu and eating children.

Q: Is there a trial version Warpack? A: Yes, there is a trial version Warpack and distributed on request through official intermediaries Warpack. The validity of such a license normally does not exceed one hour.

Q: Will there be realized the possibility of activating Warpack two accounts? O: The ability to bind to the N key accounts implemented in Warpack since its inception. For the type of client key binding takes place on a single account. Increasing the number of bindings for this type of key is not planned.

Q: Where and how can I buy a clue? A: Buying the key is on the official website Warpack.

WarPack - User Guide 17

To purchase should go to http://warpack.net, create, log into your user name and password and go to the tab "Buy Key".

Q: How to extend the key? A: Just as in the case of purchase: you should go to http://warpack.net, log into your user name and password in the box describing your current key click "Renew".

Q: I paid for key Warpack, but he did not come. What to do?A: Provide more information via the My Account service "Messages" on the site warpack.net. The questions posed by this form are solved much faster.

Q: Is it possible to make rebinding Warpack? A: Yes, it is possible. This procedure is done in the same place, in the Dashboard on the home page. To do this you need to enter your login and password, go to the tab "View" at the top of the page and write to the Administrator. There will be answered to your request.

In: Warpack turns off whenever he wants. What is the reason?A: Indeed it happens, but very rarely, and not at all. This is due to the fact that all the files are stored on a remote server. And sometimes packet loss. To verify exactly where lost packets must be done tracing: In the "Start» («Start»), select "Run ...» («Run ...»), type cmd.exe and click Ok. In the command line interface, run the command tracert warpack.net and see where there is packet loss.

Q: When you start the program drops the message "Limit Exceeded users" what to do? A: If you receive this message, it means that you run Warpack not on the account to which it is attached. Warpack tied to the account on which was produced FIRST START !!!

Q: What information is sent to the server Warpack when working with the program? How does the binding yet? Is it safe to store information about accounts and mail users, the key? A: On the server Warpack passed only a unique user ID to check the period of validity of the current user's key product. Mail and password hash is not Tai Chi, do not use, do not store.

Hope this helps somewhat