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WarPack-questions and answers.
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-What is Warpack?
   Warpack - a set banned mods for the game World Of Tanks, which are not stored inside  the   game client and a remote server.

-Which versions of Windows running Warpack?
Warpack works on all versions of Windows (from 95 to 10, inclusive).

-Timely adaptation of mods
-Player account security
-User support
-Automatic update
-Unique mods that is only Warpack

-Is it possible to get banned for using Warpack?
Yeah, maybe, but only on the initiative of the end user.
For example:
Spread public access game screenshots, which show that the use Warpack.
Spread public access video game which shows that the use
Most of the game shouting that you play with Warpack.
After the release of an update without waiting for go-ahead to overwhelm developers Warpack game servers World Of Tanks and play using Warpack.
With their profile game developers to write, saying that you love Warpack
and play with them more interesting than without it.

-Will realized the possibility of activation Warpack on two accounts?
The ability to bind to the N key accounts in Warpack implemented since its inception. Client key type binding occurs on one account. Increase the number of bindings for this type of key is not planned.

Where and how can I buy a key?
Purchase key occurs on the official website Warpack.
To purchase log onto http://warpack.net/ , register, enter your login and password and go to the tab "Buy Key".

How to extend the key?
Similarly, as in the case of purchase: log onto http://warpack.net/ , log into your login and password in the box keys click "Extend".

-I paid for key Warpack, but he did not come. What to do?

Provide more information through the My Account service "Messages" on the site warpack.net. Questions posed by this form are solved much faster.

-Is it possible to make rebinding Warpack?
Yeah, maybe. This procedure is done in the same place, in the Personal Cabinet on the main page. To do this you need to enter your login and password, go to the tab "Messages" at the top of the page and write the Administrator. Before creating applications on otvyazku key, close the game client, make sure that in the Task Manager, the process is not hanging WorldOfTanks.exe. Personally office is an indicator key bindings, if your key is attached, it says "YES", respectively, if the key is already untied says "NO" and you can already start WarPack, on another account.
Example of application:
Untie the key from your account...  and next your key.

-Warpack turned off whenever he wants. Why is that?

Indeed it happens, but very rarely, and not at all. This is due to the fact that all files are stored on a remote server. And sometimes packet loss. To check exactly where lost packets need to make a trace:
In the "Start» («Start»), select "Run ...» («Run ...»), enter the command
cmd.exe and press Ok.
In the command line interface, run the command tracert warpack.net
and see where there is packet loss.

-When you start the program drops the message "Limit Exceeded users" what to do?
If you receive this message, it means that you started Warpack not on the account to which it is bound. Warpack tied to an account which was produced FIRST TIME!

-What information is transmitted to the server Warpack with an application? As they bind an account? Is it safe to store information about accounts and mail users, keys?

On the server Warpack transmitted only unique user ID, ​​to check the current one expires user. Mail and password hash is not read, do not use, do not store.

How to hide button WarPack hangar?

The keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Alt + W

How to conduct a visual display setting some modifications in training combat?

Key combination Ctrl + Alt + W

-Can I use WarPack on different computers? (At work and at home for example)

Possible, but only when playing on their game account, which was made ​​one start WarPack.

-I want to second your account WoT, buy another key. Do I need to register a new account on the website WarPack to buy a second key?

No, you can buy another key.

-Is it possible to freeze the key?

Solution of the "Warpack injection error"
This error appears,  when the client is started and the client has already injected Warpack.
The solution of this problem Ctrl+Alt+Del, Task Manager, Processes, find WorldOfTanks.exe and Right mouse button complete the process.
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