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English subforum / Re: World of Warships
« Последний ответ от Ultimo 15.07.2018 21:53:28 »
if you were a serious person you should repay everyone you said it was impossible to find out, I gave you the key and you have not blocked my WP account, always good like that
Данная тема находится в разделе Warpack , вот прямая ссылка http://forum.warpack.net/index.php?topic=2529.0
Попробуйте отключить мод "тундра".
Не могу найти раздел варпак и сторонние моды. А если честно, у меня опять варпак с хвм (оф.сайта) не дружит, а точнее - не пускает в укреп районы :(
Общение / Re: Диалог про бан (в кораблях)
« Последний ответ от NewSkif 15.07.2018 19:12:27 »
Давно, когда "коричневые" были, чуть позже забанили на неделю. Потом, когда наладили тоже отрывался по "полной". Сейчас 10 дней не играл и во новости, но ничего не прислали. Детект заработал не более 10 дней назад?
English subforum / Re: WOW warning / how long till WOT gets detected ?
« Последний ответ от smokescreen 15.07.2018 18:00:33 »
i don't know. but i will see this detect
English subforum / Re: WOW warning / how long till WOT gets detected ?
« Последний ответ от craigvert 15.07.2018 17:47:57 »
So you think thats coming Smokescreen ?
Общение / Re: Диалог про бан (в кораблях)
« Последний ответ от Витоск 15.07.2018 17:27:38 »
Кто о чем , а вы об этом )))
Мне вот  , к примеру , сегодняшний хит понравился .
Не в обиду будет сказано пользователю Витоск , это я с доброй иронией  :)
пользовался на твинке, 22 месяца. Сейчас только первое предупреждение

Спасибо, я серьезно, основа не улетела, бросил ее. Создал твинк, так он у меня уже круче основы выкачан.
English subforum / Re: WoWS Warning Letter
« Последний ответ от Trip0328 15.07.2018 17:22:14 »
Don't know if this matters


I play on the NA server.  I too was grinding a lot on T10 for Legendary mods.  But I also used Warpack for at least a year in every game I played and never got detected.  I did have a short period when Warpack would shut the game down just after I finished a game.  I inquired to support but it was support at Cyber-Tank.  (This was before I found Warpack.net).  I was told this was anti-detection working. 

February 6, 2018
it works anti detection. WG turned on the detection of prohibited mods. As soon as he begins to act warpack immediately closes the game.
Best regards,

I do wonder about one thing.  When I start the game and enter port I get 3 Admin notifications saying Warpack loaded and warning Warpack may get you banned.  Is it possible for WG to see these notifications.  Why would Warpack even have these pop up?  Seems risky to me.  You know wargaming has downloaded the mod and used it to help them find was to prevent or detect it.  I don not have knowledge of the technical workings so I may be making incorrect assumptions

I have not changed any ACC setting as well. 

I have been playing on a new account for 4 days with no detection.  It appers they turn the detection on and off.  It is not on all the time.  Wich seems strainge.  Why would they not keep it on all the time?   I am also wondering about the tons of players that use warpack or similar mods that are in these super unicum clans and charge to the top of clan battles and destroy all the other clans.  It is going to interesting top see what happens to them.  We all know that nobody keeps the kind of stats they have with out these types of mods.  Which leads me to think WG does this detect thing every so often to appease the players screaming about cheaters.  I think they know full well that almost all of the super unicum players use mods like this and don't want those players to loose their stats.  Supper unicum players keep the average player spending money hoping that it will get them to Unicum stats.  Just my theory.  I know sounds a little nuts and it may be. 
Sorry for rambling. I am just irritated that It seems warpack is not communicating about their efforts to solve the problem so the mod is safe to use.  Or at least no communicating it in english.  They are still selling it as if there is no problem at all.   
English subforum / Re: WOW warning / how long till WOT gets detected ?
« Последний ответ от smokescreen 15.07.2018 16:50:48 »
it is safe till WG make detect focused on WP only
English subforum / WOW warning / how long till WOT gets detected ?
« Последний ответ от craigvert 15.07.2018 16:47:42 »
If they have found a way to detect WP on WOWs is it not safe to say they will soon run the same detection on WOT ? How long till this mod is unsafe for us all ?
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